M.Video Games. Games never change


Games never change. This (or almost this) is an opening line of every video game of the celebrated Fallout series. Some might say that technologies, storylines, gameplay mechanics go forward year after year. That might be true. But the only thing that stays the same is the powerful enthusiasm about video-games. Together with M.Video we have realized that games can speak for themselves like no other.

We wanted to give games a chance to present themselves in the most powerful way. We created a universal format of M.Video game-pages with unique visuals for every single game. They immersed users into the gaming atmosphere with the first click. High-resolution widescreen wallpapers, videos and trailers, illustrious descriptions touched the heart of every true gamer. And we know well that buying a product is only one step away from loving it.

Gamers adore to have the abundance of content. We did not backpedal here as well. We published all the bundles and DLCs available for all the platforms. Because PC-guy’s meat is console-guy’s… Well, you know the end of this one.

Of course, gamer is a social creature. He doesn't like to act alone. No matter what he comes across, a game or a service, he is always looking for some good company. That we did take into account too. We wanted gamers to feel at home at M.Video game-pages. Therefore, we added a way share opinions and put together the selection of the most trusted reviews from gaming press.

The pages were adaptive to simplify ordering a game from every screen, be it the ultra-wide curved monitor or a smartphone.

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